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You’re probably wondering how a guy becomes great with women; what separates a great pick-up artist from the average. Here are a few tactics that I’ve used to boost myself above the average PUA:

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 TEACH Other Pick-up Artists
Even if you aren’t great, you can learn so much by teaching someone in field. Sometimes, you won’t recognize your own mistakes, but if you watch enough men, and critique their pick-up attempts, then you’ll start to notice small mistakes that you may be making yourself. That, and when guys are constantly coming to you with questions, it forces you to think critically. Combine this with documenting your own outings, and you will be destined to become great. The average PUA only worries about himself in field, and he only sometimes documents his work every now and then. I take every opportunity to teach a guy, and I have somewhere around 300 of my outings documented.

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Do this enough, and you’ll begin to immediately notice patterns; things that the average PUA wouldn’t notice. That, and when you have your outings documented, you can always go back and see how you could have done things differently. It’s how I figured out that I had a much better shot at inviting women home that night than I did in securing a date by calling her phone number on another day.

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 EXAMINE Your Actions
I fully believe that the larger portion of you already have all the confidence and game you’ll ever need. However, when you’re getting eye contact, or you approach a girl and she initially seems very into you, and somehow you don’t manage to convert that into sex, you always ask what you said wrong, and go looking for new phrases, routines, and inner game techniques to implement. Almost none of the average PUA’s pay attention to their actions. You’ll often find that when a guy gets very little or no lays, and all of a sudden he starts sleeping with a lot of women, it’s because he examined and changed his actions. Notice that in “Assanova Dies Another Day”, I examined my ACTIONS, because those are what‘s going to greatly improve my lay rate.

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 PAY ATTENTION To What Women Aren’t
You have very little time, and there are a ton of seduction type improvement books out there, so how do I know where to improve next? It’s simple, I pay attention to what women aren’t complimenting. If they aren’t complimenting your clothes, then guess what? You could probably start spending your resources and time on improving your wardrobe and sense of style. And if they aren’t complimenting how good it is to talk to you or how smooth/witty you are, then you could probably stand to learn a few conversation skills.

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 Teach men how to dress
It’s how I know that it’s time for me to go back to the gym. Last summer, the women I was dealing with were constantly rubbing on my stomach, chest, and arms. And now? It doesn’t happen. I’ve lost 10-15 pounds and I let myself go some. They don’t grab me like they use to, so I know that it’s time to bulk up and tone up some. However, what if women are complimenting a certain aspect on a fairly frequent basis? That’s how you know that your time and resources could be better spent elsewhere. For instance, women always compliment my sense of style, so I know that I don’t need to spend a lot of time with products and websites that are trying to teach men how to dress.

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Always look for what women aren’t saying, and take that as an indicator that you need to improve in that area. But remember, if women seem to love a certain aspect about you, then you are better off moving on to another area to improve for great gains versus the minimal gains you’ll get by concentrating on areas that don’t really need improvement.

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 Final Words
Your average PUA keeps wasting his time trying to improve in areas that he already has in order, such as inner game and routines, simply because he has grown comfortable with it, while the great PUA knows when he has something in order and it’s time to move on to improving something else, even if it seems difficult at first.

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